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Amanda Dardis

The dark room was lit with candles, and there was a large image of Jesus on the cross hanging on the wall. When Father Maximo entered with the monstrance, I could feel the atmosphere in the room change. Father later took the monstrance in hand, and began to walk around all of us kneeling on the ground. As he made his way around the room, my gaze shifted from the Eucharist to Father’s face. It is impossible for me to describe the expression on Father’s face. It was a look of the deepest and most sincere love I have ever seen. I fail to create an earthly comparison, because it was the look of a man in the presence of Jesus.

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Chris Anderson

The week after Go Fish, I found myself looking forward to prayer. Every time I walked into the Newman Center I ran into at least one person I had met that weekend. I wasn't a stranger anymore. Catholic was no longer my label, it was my identity, my lifestyle.

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Kylee Schelin

When praying the Rosary overlooking the beach we were reminded that the wind is a sign of the Holy Spirit. At that moment the Spirit made His presence known to us by sending a gust of wind. It was the first physical sign of the Holy Spirit that I experienced.